Our Mission Statement

Nepal America Sociocultural Exchange Society, Nepali Ghar, is a non profit organization dedicated to serve our
community by promoting congenial relationships and mutual respect among the Nepalese residing in Colorado as
well as other local communities.
Peaceful co-existence and the immeasurable race against time to develop the community will be feasible only if we
live and let others live with dignity and pride. We understand that social, cultural and all other important aspects of
human nature must be respected and nurtured with broad humanitarian ideologies.
With a strong belief in a commendable exercise of community development by transcending the differences of age,
race, color, origin, sexual orientation, religion, belief, disability and nationality, we solemnly initiate a campaign to
advocate establishing a community home “Nepali Ghar” and serving our society.
We trust our community and anticipate their full cooperation in our noble mission.